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Ritual Oils in a 15ml glass jar


Choose from several different ritual oils to add to your craft!! These oils are skin safe and can be used for anointing candles, anointing objects, adding to a bath, self anointing and more!

All ritual oils come with a full ingredient list, instructions and tips for use!!


Choose from:

Abundance - for calling in an abundant flow of energy

Astral Travel - for aiding in astral projecting from the body

Banishing - for permanently removing unwanted energies

Beltane - for use during the celebration of Beltane

Clarity - for improving mental clarity around situations 

Cord Cutting - for removing energetic ties to others

Divination - for aiding in a strong connection to Spirit during divination

Dream Protection - for protection against nightmares, night terrors and sleep paralysis 

Full Moon - for use during full moon releasing and transformations

Good Luck - for use to improve luck and positive energy

Hecate - for use when working with the Goddess 

Horned God - for use when working with Horned Gods

Intuition - for use when needing to boost the intuition and connection to your Higher Self

Mabon - for use during the celebration of Mabon

New Moon - for use during New Moon rituals and manifestations

Passion - for increasing passion and sex magick

Prosperity - for helping to increase wealth and prosperity

Protection - for spiritual protection against negative and unwanted energies 

Road Opener- for clearing your path and removing obstacles and challenges 

Samhain - for use during Samhain for a strong connection and communication with spirits 

Self-Love - for improving self-love, self-respect and self-confidence

Strength - for boosting inner strength and confidence

Success - for aiding in success in business and personal matters

Yule - for use during the celebration of Yule 


***** If using for self anointing, a small skin patch test is recommended.

Ritual Oils (15ml)

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