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Carromancy Symbolic Meanings

For Reading Symbols in Wax from Candle Magick or Wax Scrying in Water

Airplane  - journey, trip, motivation is coming

Alligator or Crocodile – look for opportunity, slow down, listen to primal instincts


Anchor  - success in business or love, stability 

Apple - fruition, abundance, love, marriage, good luck

Arm - direction, accept help from others or offer help

Arrow  - direction, focus


Baby  - new beginnings, small worries 


Ball or Balloon  - your problem will not last very long, strength

Bat (animal)  - rebirth/death, community, balance, good fortune, supernatural powers

Beans  - growth, prosperity coming, magick powers

Bear - strength, courage

Bed  - A vacation would be good for you, rest

Bee - prosperity, good luck, sign of a soul that has departed is near


Bells  - a warning, marriage, beginnings and endings


Bird  - vision, clarity, news will reach you soon

Boat - help is coming, adventure, exciting beginnings


Book  - imagination, tradition, wisdom

Boot  - travel, work, industry


Bridge  - take a chance, union, togetherness, connection


Broom  - make a change, good luck, protection against evil

Bug - greed, destruction, detachment

Butterfly - transformation, positive change, spirit looking over you

Camel - patience is needed, overcoming burdens

Candle  - search for truth, spiritual growth


Cat  - impetuousness, curiosity, a friend is untrue


Chain  - go ahead with your plans, break free


Chair  - stagnation, instability, tiredness


Circles - great success, reconciliation, completion


Cloud - something or someone threatens you, strong emotional response

Clover - good luck is coming 


Coins - material security, good luck

Cow - abundance, fertility (creative or physical)

Crab - sidestep obstacles with grace, renewal, protection

Crescent Moon - prosperity is coming, success, opportunity 


Cross  - religious quest, do not fear for you are protected


Crown - leadership, ego


Cup - healing, relationships, intuition

Dagger - caution against using sharp words, betrayal, don't reveal secrets

Deer - shyness, be more assertive, endurance, longevity


Dog  - loyalty, dependability, faithful friends

Dove - peace, reconciliation, spirit

Dragon - wisdom, strength, big changes are coming, facing fears

Duck - fidelity, balance, staying afloat


Ear - be alert for an opportunity to advance in your work


Egg – new developments soon, new beginnings

Elephant - longevity, good luck, good health


Eye  - soul, introspection, intuition, someone is watching you

Faces - spirit guides, someone you know, pay attention to the expression for further meaning


Fan - a surprise is in store for you


Feather  - flight, independence, wanderlust, the problem will be solved, message from Spirit


Fish – someone will betray you, watch out for false friends, intuition, emotional issues

Flag - take warning, choose a side


Flame  - creativity, art, your situation is cleansed

Flowers - happiness, success, optimism 

Fox - trickery, craftiness

Frog - transformation, adapting, fertility

Gate - openings, transitions, protection


Ghost – someone from the past is looking for you, ancestors are near

Goat - misfortune, hardiness, overworking


Grass – good fortune is approaching, prosperity, growth 

Hammer - triumph over adversity, perseverance 


Hand  - help is coming, new relationship, new work partner

Harp - ancestors, love


Hat - a change of location is indicated, authority


Heart  - love, emotion, partnership

Horse  - teamwork, strength, endurance

Horseshoe - protection, good luck, marriage

Hourglass - time warning, urgency


House - better times are coming, a move is needed

Kettle - happy home life, comfort during sadness and grief


Key  - knowledge, education, opportunity


Kite – go forward with new ideas, travel 

Knife - arguments, surgery, cutting through problems


Ladder - take steps to change your attitude toward an old friend or situation, success in work situations


Leaf or leaves  - fertility, nature, energy, things will be changing soon


Letters  - references to the names of friends or relatives

Lightning - sudden realizations, inspiration, weather warning


Lion – an unpleasant situation is developing, have courage

Mermaid - Trickery, emotional entanglement

Money - check your finances, money is on the way

Monkey - trickery, deceit, secret enemies, problem solving, persevere 

Moon  - denial, female intuition, lunar connection, feminine energy, release (see also crescent moon)


Mountain – overcome obstacles, good friends are willing to help you

Mouse - uninvited guests, poverty, caution is needed

Mushroom - prosperity, growth, an argument might be coming


Numbers  - indicators of spans of time, such as months or years


Owl  - wisdom, isolation 

Palm Tree - journey abroad, vacation is needed, travel 


Pants – you will be tempted

Parrot - communication, travel, gossip/chatter

Peacock - vanity, success, love


Pen – expect a letter from a relative or friend

Pentagram - protection, Spirit, connection, eternity

Pig - both good and bad luck, greed, faithful lover, jealous friends


Pin – beware of sharp words from others, harsh criticism


Pipe – peace and comfort, make peace with enemies, forgiveness

Question Mark - uncertainty, the answer is not clear, a surprise, ask more questions

Rabbit - Lunar Energy, good luck, fertility, innocence 

Rainbow - wishes, hope, end of troubles

Rat - betrayal, prosperity

Raven - warning of danger


Ring – wealth, success, marriage may be possible in the near future

Rose - love, happiness, secrecy, romance

Scales - balance, justice


Scissors – separation, cut ties

Scorpion - enemies, treachery, endings 

Shark - danger, beware of other people

Sheep - shyness, lack of independent thought 

Shells - holiday, romance 


Shoe – be suspicious of a new acquaintance, a new journey is approaching 


Shovel  - hard work, reaching hidden depths


Snake – be on guard against an enemy, protection, rebirth

Spider - connectedness, feminine energy, fate, money is coming 


Spider web – connection, collective, pleasant happenings

Spirals - history repeating itself, cycle of life, death and rebirth


Squares  - the need for caution, logic is needed


Star  - spirituality, popularity, happiness, healing


Sun  - enlightenment, happiness, children, good fortune

Swan - good luck, serenity, protection 


Table - an abundance of blessings, spiritual nourishment is needed

Train - travel, on the right track, progress


Tree  - family, stability, a good time for new undertakings


Triangles  - good karma, manifestation is nearing completion, connection to higher realm


Umbrella – protective shield is needed, negative energy is coming

Unicorn - purity, innocence 


Vase  - material concerns, greed, obsessed with material wealth and possessions

Vulture - hard times, bitterness between rivals


Walking stick – get out of the house and visit friends, get in touch with nature, grounding

Wheat - abundance, prosperity


Wheel – one who has been away will return soon, end of a cycle

Wine - temperance, celebration is coming

Wings - protection, message from deceased, spirit guides have a message, purity


Witch – danger will pass you by, protection from evil eyes

Wolf - hardships, intrigue, a sign to get in touch with nature, release

Worm – renewal, truth lies within you, grounding is needed,  Business troubles are ahead if you are not careful

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