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A Guide To Runes,
Their Themes and Magickal Uses

Using Runes For Divination and Rune Magick



Key Words: wealth, prosperity, abundance, rewards, good health, beginnings

Upright Themes: Good health, love, and social success brings a joyful approach to life. Appreciate what is going well in life. Good fortune may be coming your way, if so, share your good fortune with others. Avoid greed and selfishness. 

Reversed Themes: loss of wealth and self-esteem. Could indicate frustration, lack of fulfillment and a need to abandon plans. If setbacks come, use them as learning opportunities. 

Magickal Uses: increase wealth, strengthen psychic abilities, attract and improve social relationships



Key Words: protection, warning, contemplation, decisions, luck

Upright Themes: Be alert to potential danger and unwanted circumstances. A reminder to wear spiritual protection and shielding. Beware of dishonesty.

Reversed Themes: Danger and unwanted circumstances are passing. Can also point to a fear of being vulnerable. Stay open to advice from others.

Magickal Uses:  defensive magick, protection, helps with decisions, good luck



Key Words: travel, a journey, movement, reunion, changes

Upright Themes: An indication of a journey, whether in the external world or on an emotional or spiritual level. Pleasant physical travel, spiritual journeys will be beneficial. Make the most of all movements and travel. 

Reversed Themes: Delays and problems along your journey. Postponing travel might be needed, prepare for complications. Some delays will be Divine Timing. 

Magickal Uses:  safe travels, navigating inner journeys, justice in disputes, maintaining calm during challenges 



Key Words: gifts, generosity, friendship, harmony, talents/abilities

Upright Themes: Signifies an exchange between people that results in a connection between giver and receiver. A sign you may be receiving a gift. Success and harmony in partnerships both professional and/or romantic. Keeping balance in relationships. 

Reversed Themes: Gebo has no reversed meaning. 

Magickal Uses:  love, sex, harmonious relationships of all kinds, connect with divine energies, boost magickal energy and ability 



Key Words: destruction, chaos, interference, misfortune, transformation

Upright Themes: A reminder that forces of chaos can't be controlled, whether the chaos is directed towards unexpected problems, disruptions to our goals, illness or otherwise. This chaos is changing your course for the better. Patience and perseverance are needed. 

Reversed Themes: Hagalaz has no reversed meaning

Magickal Uses:  protection, luck, quick transformations, success in navigating difficult situations, break unhealthy patterns



Key Words: obstacles, standstill, stagnation, delay, coldness

Upright Themes: Signifies a lack of movement leading to frustration. Loss of energy and mental blocks may prevent forward movement. Also indicates delays but encouragement to enjoy the stillness and practice focusing on the present moment. Coldness in relationships and warning of conflicts. 

Reversed Themes: Isa has no reversed meaning. 

Magickal Uses:  maintain status quo, protection against unwanted energies, bringing clarity to a situation



Key Words: death, regeneration, rebirth, changes, magick

Upright Themes: A powerful symbol of the the cycle of death and life. Indicates an ending that will lead to a new beginning. Allow the old to fall away so that new can develop. Don't resist changes rather learn to go with the flow. This rune is heavily related to Death in Tarot. 

Reversed Themes: Eihwaz has no reversed meaning. 

Magickal Uses:  protection, overcoming obstacles, spiritual development, good banishing rune, divination, past life recall, strengthen personal magick power



Key Words: protection, defense, opportunity

Upright Themes: Indicates you are safe from danger, there's no need to fear. However, don't be reckless and take this protective energy for granted, as this rune doesn't mean danger isn't present. Instead, stay in touch with your intuition and you'll have positive outcomes.

Reversed Themes: Disconnected from intuition and common sense. Take care of physical, emotional and mental health. Avoid rushed decisions. 

Magickal Uses:  protection from negative energies and people, protection of prosperity, strengthen friendships



Key Words: courage, victory, strength, passion, masculine energy

Upright Themes: Having the courage to be victorious in moments of discomfort, stepping out of the comfort zone. A positive sign for success in legal matters. A sign to take action instead of being passive. 

Reversed Themes: Lack of courage or motivation. Overwhelmed by obstacles. Slow down, consider all options before proceeding further. 

Magickal Uses:  healing, success, victory in competitions, courage, healthy masc. energy



Key Words: changes, faith, loyalty, trust, movement, travel

Upright Themes: Represents partnership, friendship and the need to be faithful and accountable to the people in your life. A reminder you have what it takes to accomplish your goals. 

Reversed Themes: Can indicate mistrust in a relationship, Step back and look at the bigger picture. Can also mean lack of momentum towards goals. 

Magickal Uses:  safe travels, physical and mental stamina, aids astral travel, promotes loyal relationships



Key Words: flow, intuition, the unconscious, psychic ability, the feminine, growth

Upright Themes: Release resistance to painful emotions and go with the flow. If feelings of disharmony are present, adapting is key. Intuition is high, follow your gut. A time to strengthen and nurture psychic abilities. Stay open and receptive to receiving intuitive messages.

Reversed Themes: Lack of flow, feeling stagnant. avoid unhealthy impulses if possible. Spend time near water. 

Magickal Uses:  increase intuition and psychic abilities, healthy feminine energy, creativity



Key Words: daylight, success, hope, breakthrough, transformation, balance

Upright Themes: Increase, growth, prosperity, strength, good health, and general well-being are indicated by this rune. Remain optimistic and focused on the positive. Can also represent new hope and emerging from darkness to light. A sign you are out of harms way and rejoice in the safety. 

Reversed Themes: Dagaz has no reversed meaning 

Magickal Uses:  good luck, positive transformations, increase wealth, creative and spiritual breakthroughs



Key Words: strength, health, power, energy, endurance, creative force

Upright Themes: A reminder of physical, emotional and spiritual strength and perseverance through challenges. If pursuing dreams this is a sign of manifestation coming. Use personal power for a positive outcome. Be careful not to abuse your power. 

Reversed Themes: missed opportunities and lack of will power and motivation. Release fears to help restore self confidence. Step outside of the comfort zone to embrace new opportunities. 

Magickal Uses: strengthen focus and personal will, deeper understanding of self, harnessing change 



Key Words: communication, wisdom, divine power, a message 

Upright Themes: Pay attention to messages from your higher self and the Divine. Spiritual growth and insights are coming. Be open to signals from the Universe.

Reversed Themes: Beware of trickery and deceit from others. Clouded judgement and lack of clarity. 

Magickal Uses:  wisdom, enhance magickal workings, divine communication, success with public speaking, discernment in complex situations 



Key Words: light, heat, illumination, breakthrough, creative fire

Upright Themes: A representation of light in the darkness. A breakthrough is coming where confusion has been. Higher guidance brings enlightenment. Also a great time to begin creative projects, embrace creativity.

Reversed Themes: Feeling left in the dark, a sense of a spiritual void. Lack of connection to inner knowledge. Can indicate an ending of a relationship or career. 

Magickal Uses:  creativity, healing, love, balanced relationships, adds power to runic talismans



Key Words: joy, happiness, bliss, happy relationships, well-being, success

Upright Themes: Very positive rune. Difficult situations are resolved and optimism is renewed. Feeling satisfied, at peace with life. Adjust your view to focus on the positive. Friendships, romance, and love are deepening. 

Reversed Themes: Conflict, unexpected problems, lacking energy and interest in life. Avoid making important decisions. Tension in relationships.

Magickal Uses:  general well-being, fulfillment, success, raise vibrational frequencies, harmonious relationships



Key Words: need, necessity, scarcity, absence, restriction, have patience

Upright Themes: Hardship in the form of one's needs not being met, whether that's poverty, unemployment, poor health, or lack of emotional support. A time of learning to strengthen ones resilience. A reminder that needs and limitations are necessary for growth. A warning to avoid greed or unhealthy desires. 

Reversed Themes: Nauthiz has no reversed meaning

Magickal Uses:  protection, activates magickal workings focused on attraction or increase



Key Words: harvest, reward, natural cycles, fruition, fertility, growth

Upright Themes: A reminder that the attainment of goals often takes time. A positive reminder that troubles are receding. Reaping rewards for hard work. Can indicate prosperity, abundance and success in business. Celebrate good fortune and appreciate your current joy. 

Reversed Themes: Jera has no reversed meaning. 

Magickal Uses:  fertility, creativity, family matters, growth, patience, harmony in time and seasons



Key Words: mystery, secrets, revelation, chance

Upright Themes: The most mysterious of all the runes, as some still don't agree on the meaning. Can indicate things aren't as they seem, secrets will be revealed. Pay attention to signs and signals. Great time for divination.

Reversed Themes: Can indicate an unpleasant surprise or revelation. Unhealthy focus on the past. If divination is unclear, Perthro signifies to try again later. 

Magickal Uses:  protect business investments, divination, health and healing, fertility, spiritual clarity, good luck in gambling



Key Words: light, energy, good health, success

Upright Themes: Light's victory over the dark that brings clarity and healing. Success, good health and joy are yours if you will allow yourself to have them. Also brings good luck and prosperity when we open ourself up to receiving them. Brings a reminder to stay grounded during times of overwhelming energy. 

Reversed Themes: Sowilo has no reversed meaning. 

Magickal Uses:  strengthening self confidence, motivation, success, healing, victory over obstacles, spiritual guidance



Key Words: birth, new beginnings, family, growth, regeneration

Upright Themes: Very positive rune. Sign that new projects, new relationships, or a new idea will lead to positive outcomes. Be open to receiving love from others

Reversed Themes: Stagnation and obstacles when starting something new. Conflicts and tempers within the home. Focus energy on the positive. 

Magickal Uses:  fertility, female health, strengthen family ties, protection, bring ideas to physical manifestation, creativity



Key Words: humanity, the self, support, assistance, intelligence, family

Upright Themes: Tension between your inner self and your outer being. Feeling at odds with expectations of society. Listen to intuition rather than ego to determine best course of action. 

Reversed Themes: Isolation, low self-esteem and self preoccupation. Being out of alignment with inner self and outer being. Down time is needed. 

Magickal Uses:  increase mental agility, improve memory, promote harmonious relationships



Key Words: fertility, male procreative force, channeling energy, competition, safety

Upright Themes: A procreative energy channeled through projects, business endeavors or journeys, Positive forward momentum. Can signify completion and reaching your full potential. A rune of good fortune, it can bring peace, prosperity and satisfaction. 

Reversed Themes: Ingwaz has no reversed meaning

Magickal Uses:  fertility, bringing a situation to an end, building and releasing magickal energy, protection, passion



Key Words: heritage, tradition, inheritance, ancestral property, family ties

Upright Themes: Can point to inheritance of tangible items but carries a deeper meaning about the intangible things we inherit from family. A time to lean on family for emotional support. 

Reversed Themes: Disharmony within the family. Patience and careful observation are advised. Avoid adding to arguments, walk away when tempers rise

Magickal Uses:  gaining and keeping wealth, healing, promote harmonious relationships, clarity about the self

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