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Image by Jason Leung
A Color Magick Reference Guide
For Enhancing Your Magick With Colors

White- (Crown Chakra) Purification, unity, blessings, spirituality, contact with higher self, aura healing, truth, meditation, inspiration, can be used as a substitute for any color


Black-  Banishing evil, banishing negativity, protection, patience, overcoming obstacles, breaking bad habits and addictions, deep meditation, opens up deep unconscious levels, working with the deceased, stability 


Gray-  Neutral, stability, reliability, intelligence, legal matters, psychic awareness, secrets, balance, loneliness, contemplation, glamour magick


Brown- Stability, grounding, strengthening, protection of household, family and pets, healing animals, finding lost objects, make relationships solid, sound decision making, attract help during a crisis  


Silver-  Moon and Lunar energy color, feminine energy, cycles, rebirth, reincarnation, emotional stability, removes and neutralizes negativity, intuition, psychic workings, removes bad influences


Gold-  Solar energy color, masculine energy, creativity, perfection, wealth and luxury, understanding, charm, abundant self confidence, fast luck, persuasion, magical power 


Pink-  Love, softness, caring, nurturing, youth, emotional healing, harmony, calming, new beginnings, morality, overcoming pain from illness, romance, friendship, peace, healing of spirit, honor, femininity 


Purple-  (Third Eye Chakra) Magick abilities, spirituality, angels, divination, psychic abilities, psychic healing, meditation, astral projection, dream magick, inspiration, increase intuition, wisdom, third eye opening 


Blue-  (Throat Chakra) Water elemental color, tranquility, relaxation, guidance, dream protection, health spells, understanding, wisdom, harmony, peace, patience, loyalty, truth, weather spells


Green-  (Heart Chakra) Earth elemental color, mother goddess, growth, rejuvenation, harvest, prosperity, career, harmony, money, abundance, wealth, nature, fertility, luck, soothes emotions, balance


Yellow-  (Solar Plexus Chakra) Air elemental color, travel, knowledge, vitality, change, progress, communication, cheerfulness, joy, mental clarity, creativity, intelligence, confidence, concentration


Orange-  (Sacral Chakra) Good fortune, charm, kindness, road opening, good luck, stimulation, optimism, success, abundance, celebration, transformation, investments, achieving business goals, encouragement 


Red-  (Root Chakra) Fire elemental color, renewal, energy, power, self esteem, passion, sex, courage, strength, vigor, dark defense, masculenity, lust, desire, competition, fertility 


Days of the week in color magick:


Monday-  Ruled by the Moon; white, silver, lavender and pale blue


Tuesday-  Ruled by Mars; red, scarlet, orange and black


Wednesday- Ruled by Mercury;  orange and purple


Thursday- Ruled by Jupiter;  royal blue, purple and green


Friday- Ruled by Venus; red, pink and aqua 


Saturday- Ruled by Saturn; deep purple, black and white


Sunday- Ruled by the Sun; yellow, neon shades of yellow and orange, pink

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