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How It All Began

The Journey Of Hex Me Not

I started my small business with the hopes of bringing products and services to those in need of spiritual assistance, tools for witchcraft, and handcrafted spiritual products. 

After starting an online Etsy Shop in December 2020, I noticed my services and products were in greater need than I had originally planned for.  So after 20 years of working in the medical field, I decided to take my spiritual business full time. And it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being able to help others in my own knowledgable and personal way has been incredibly rewarding. 

I have been studying and practicing witchcraft and tarot for over 20 years now. Staying true and genuine to my craft is the most important part of my business for me. I truly have a passion for helping others along their journey and I would love to be able to help shine some light onto your path.

I always offer a safe space, free of judgement and inclusive for all.  I know that some of my products and services are extremely personal and I always take your privacy and confidentiality to the utmost seriousness. I consider myself to be a very open-minded human and I welcome all walks of life. Never hesitate to reach out to me. Whether it's a question for a product or service or if you just need an empathic ear to listen. My passion and purpose is to help in the ways I'm knowledgeable and able to and I would be honored to shine some light your way. 

Blessed Be!


Owner, Hex Me Not

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