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Get To Know Me 


I'm Stacie, a Lunar Witch that's passionate about following Moon Phases and connecting to the Lunar Energy. I knew from a very young age that I had a strong and almost weird connection to the moon. I also am a Cancerian Sun, a Moon Child as they say.


My maternal Grandmother was also a witch and she taught me so many wonderful and valuable things growing up. I was raised on superstition and taught to keep an open mind. Having a paternal side of the family that was heavily Catholic, I've also spent many moments in the church, but I always knew in my heart what was right for me. The way of the witch. Witchcraft taught me about love, nature, the freedom to follow your heart and the power we all hold within. 

So I did what my Grandmother always told me to do and I followed my heart. Now here I am, so many years later, practicing my craft and doing my best to help others along this journey we call life. When I say that I hope I can shine some light onto your path, I truly mean that. So if you're ever lost in the dark, know that I'm here. 

Always a friend, 


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