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10 Sheets - 5x4 Inch Sheets.

Infused with:

Moonwater for amplifying spell intentions

Rose for romance and beauty

Hibiscus for love and lust

Damiana for passion and Sex Magick

Mugwort for amplifying spell intentions

Lemon Balm to open the heart

Ginger for passion and amplifying spell intentions

This passion infused spell paper is perfect for writing out your passion, love, Sex Magick and romance spell intentions, for creating and drawing sigils, for writing and creating spells, or for any magickal writing you may do for passion, romance and Sex Magick. I’ve infused the paper with some of my favorite ingredients to use during Passion and Sex Magick. This paper is also wonderful to burn to release your Magick intentions.

Passion Spell Paper - Infused Paper

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