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Size: 3 Inch (30ml) Spell Jar

This Emotional Grounding and Stability Spell Jar is created with a spell, herbs and crystals that will help to keep you grounded and stable during those moments of emotional instability. We all have times in life when our emotions can take over and we need help to find that grounded center of calm. So I’ve created this spell jar to help with just that. This spell can be used anytime you need a grounded sense of emotional stability or even can be kept near you to help keep you grounded and calm.


I used enchanted herbs, flowers and crystals that metaphysically promote emotional calming, stability and grounding. I also use a lavender infused wax seal for the spell's intentions. I create all of my spell jars when ordered, keeping you in mind with the intentions of the spell. All of my spell jars also come in a smoke cleansed muslin bag to help keep it protected spiritually and physically during transit. Detailed instructions and tips for use included.

Emotional Grounding and Stability Spell Jar

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