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1 ounce in weight

This Aura Cleanse Herbal Bath Tea Blend is perfect to use when you’re feeling like your energy is off, after doing heavy spell-work or divination or anytime you feel like your aura needs to be cleansed.

I’ve blended hawthorn, rosemary, common sage, yucca root and crushed lemon peel for a wonderful blend that’s packed with aura cleansing and purifying herbs.

Hawthorn is great for purification and cleansing of the aura

Rosemary is great for purifying, cleansing and protection of the aura

Common Sage is great for spirituality and purification of the aura

Yucca Root is great for transmutation and purification of the aura

Lemon Peel is great for aura cleansing, purifying and healing the aura

I also include muslin bags for your bath blend so you can fill them with the blend and infuse them in your bath water. You can also use organza bags as well! If you prefer not to use the bag, I highly recommend using a tub strainer to prevent your bath drain from clogging.

Comes with easy to follow instructions for use!

Aura Cleanse Herbal Bath Tea Blend

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