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This incense is blended with ingredients that are known to stimulate energy flow, increase motivation and help you to drive away delays during those moments of procrastination. This incense can be burned during spell-work that’s directed towards boosting motivation and anti-procrastination, it can be burned to raise the vibrations and call in energies of motivation. or you can burn it anytime you’d like a boost of energy to help with that procrastination.

Blended with Copal Resin, Calendula, Rosemary, Mullein, Honeysuckle, Basil, Lemon EO, Grapefruit EO, and Peppermint EO, the aroma is clean, citrusy and also has sweet, earthy notes with the basil and rosemary. This incense blend is great to use for spell work, smoke cleansing, home blessings, meditation and the aroma is so uplifting!


If you prefer steam instead smoke, all of my loose incense blends work amazingly well in simmer pots too!! Just add some of the blend to a small simmer pot, add water and simmer on low heat.


In magick, loose or raw incense is burned for its vibrations and that alone can be used as a kind of spell during visualization and meditation. It's great to use for air magick and smoke cleansing. It can also be burned and used as a background while performing magick. All of my loose incense blends are created with ingredients that metaphysically correspond to the intentions of the incense blend. These blends are great to use as a substitute for the sacred white sage and palo santo and are hand blended with intention.

Anti-Procrastination Loose Incense

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