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This Anti-Procrastination DIY Candle Magick kit comes with everything you need to anoint and dress your candles for Candle Magick focused on stimulating energy flow, enhancing motivation, and driving away procrastination.


Included in this kit:

1 Jar of Anti-Procrastination Ritual Oil

1 half ounce bag of Anti-Procrastination Blend Candle Dressing Herbs

6 Chime Candles (3 Yellow, 3 White)


You can cast 6 spells with this kit, with different or same intentions. You’ll have plenty of left over candle dressing and ritual oil if you’d like to use it for other spellwork. Your herbal blend can be added to spell jars and spell bags as well and your ritual oil is skin safe and can be used in ritual baths or self-anointing.

Candle Magick is a very powerful form of magick that has many uses and benefits. All of my candle dressing kits come with detailed instructions and tips for use.

Anti-Procrastination DIY Candle Magick Kit

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