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Moon Magick 2022

Find spellwork tips and recommendations for each New and Full Moon of 2022. 

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
October 25, 2022
New Moon in Scorpio
Solar Eclipse

Spell Work Focus:   Though this is a New Moon, releasing and surrendering to what we can't handle will be a prime focus for this New Moon. We have the first eclipse of eclipse season coming through and that will help us with transformative energy. So while you start new chapters and new beginnings, it's very important right now to look at what you need to let go of and I mean fully and completely let go of and start new. This moon will be like a figurative Death, allowing that which is not aligning with us to fall away easily, but you have to let go of it first. If you would like to do a little manifesting, it is also the prime time for taking a look at what our hearts want. Spells for abundance, beauty and passion will be very beneficial right now. 

Spell Work Tips: We have the moon in Scorpio, a water sign, so get those simmer pots going! You will want to use water in your spell-work to help amplify your spell intentions. Use candle magick in red for passion, green for abundance, black for releasing, and white for manifesting. Look into rituals for releasing during an eclipse and aura cleansing. My favorite aura cleanse is done by cutting a lemon in half, pouring sea salt on both halves and you'll then pick up half of the lemon and move it around your body, keeping the lemon about 6 inches from the skin, then repeat with the other half of the lemon. I then repeat this process for 3 days. 

Herb Recommendations:

For Releasing (in general) - Lavender, Wild Yam, Betony, Rosemary

For Releasing Stress: Hawthorn, Nettle, St. Johns Wort

For Passion- Cinnamon, Damiana, Pink Peppercorn

For Abundance- Red Clover, Mint, Rose Hips, Alfalfa

For Beauty- Rose, Jasmine, Catnip

Crystal Recommendations:

For Releasing - Aquamarine, Howlite, Rainbow Moonstone

For Releasing Stress - Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite

For Passion - Ruby, Garnet, Flower Agate

For Abundance - Green Jade, Pyrite, Citrine

For Beauty - Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz

Image by Robin Li

October 9, 2022

Full Moon in Aries

Hunter's Moon

Spell Work Focus:   Embracing Healthy Relationships, Severing Unhealthy Relationships, Preparing For New Beginnings (look before you leap into something new), Independence, Motivation, Confidence, Removing Self-Doubt, Calming Stressful Energy, Full Moon Releasing and Transformations

Spell Work Tips:  When the moon is full, it starts the waning phase of the moon and we should focus on releasing, removing, and casting out. For example, instead of calling in ways to boost your confidence, try focusing on removing what is getting in the way of your confidence. Now that Autumn is here, it's a perfect time to preserve our energy. We don't have to go all out and exert all of our energy right now. So keeping things calm and tranquil is a perfect theme for this moon. With Samhain approaching, we can also begin to honor and show remembrance of our ancestors. 

When the moon is in a Fire sign (Aries) it's a good time to use Fire Magick in your full moon rituals

(fire cleansing, fire charging, pyromancy or divination by fire, incense, candle magick) 

I recommend Color Magick in Pink for embracing relationships and calming stress, Red for motivation and confidence, Black for severing unhealthy relationships, removing self doubt and full moon releasing. 

Herb Recommendations:

For Confidence- Benzoin, Patchouli, Jasmine, Vanilla

For Embracing Relationships- Basil, Ivy, Juniper, Lavender

For Severing Relationships- Chicory, Lemon Balm, Dragons Blood, St John's Wort

For Independence- Chamomile, Cinnamon, Ginger

For Calming Stress- Nettle, Hawthorn, Passion Flower, Skullcap, Calendula

For Removing Doubt- Motherwort, Plum, Valerian, Mugwort

For Releasing- Nutmeg, Garlic, Betony, Sandalwood

Crystal Recommendations:

For Confidence- Tigers Eye, Carnelian

For Embracing Healthy Relationships- Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite

For Severing Relationships- Black Obsidian, Sunstone, Flint

For Independence- Ruby, Lepidolite, Bloodstone

For Calming Stress- Howlite, Selenite, Angelite

For Removing Doubt- Hematite, Emerald, Amethyst

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

September 25, 2022

New Moon in Libra

Spell work Focus:   Planting Seeds for Intention Manifestation, Wish Granting, New Beginnings, Balance, Justice, Equality in Relationships, Love Spells, Improving Connections With Others

Spell work Tips: Use color magick in white for manifestation and equality in relationships, green for balance, orange for justice, red for love and pink for improving connections with others. The Moon in Libra is a time of bringing balance into our lives and upholding justice. It's a also time for regeneration and relaxation. Using air magick during this New Moon will help to amplify your spell work. Air Magick can include feathers, incense, smoke cleansing, and wind magick.

Herb Recommendations:

For Manifesting- Balm of Gilead, Black Eyed Susan, Grains of Paradise

For New Beginnings: Birch, Thyme, Elder

For Balance- Holly, Horehound, Blue Cohosh

For Improving Connections- Irish Moss, Slippery Elm, Kelp, Basil

For Love- Anise, Black Cohosh, Cardamon

Crystal Recommendations:

For Manifesting - selenite, clear quartz, smoky quartz

For Balance - hematite, black tourmaline, sodalite 

For Love - carnelian, red jasper, garnet

For New Beginnings - rainbow moonstone, citrine, tigers eye

For Improving Connections - labradorite, aquamarine, blue tigers eye

Image by By Pils

June 14, 2022

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Strawberry Moon

Spell Work Focus:   Confidence, Enthusiasm, Foresight, Commitment, Long-term Goals, Desire, Success, Travel, Full Moon Releasing and Transformations

Spell work Tips: When the moon is in a Fire sign ( Sagittarius ) it's a good time to use Fire Magick in your full moon rituals

(fire cleansing, fire charging, pyromancy or divination by fire, incense, candle magick)

Use color magick in yellow for confidence, purple for foresight and commitment, red for desire, orange for travel and success, and black for releasing.  The Moon in Sagittarius is a time of confidence, enthusiasm, inspiration and desire. The Full Strawberry Moon is a great time to allow your spirit to be free. Unwind, relax and try some Full Moon Meditations focused on watching your desires come to life. 

Herb Recommendations:

For Confidence- Bergamot, Honeysuckle, Jasmine

For Foresight- Sage, Star Anise, Thyme

For Commitment- Basil, Lemon Balm, Lemon Peel, Cypress

For Desire- Damiana, Ginseng, Patchouli

For Success- Red Clover, Sandalwood, Cinnamon

For Travel- Bladderwrack, Comfrey, Lavender

For Releasing- Nutmeg, Garlic, Betony

Crystal Recommendations:

For Confidence- Chrysocolla, Sunstone

For Foresight- Kyanite, Moonstone

For Commitment- Amethyst, Pyrite

For Desire- Red Tigers Eye, Red Jasper

For Success- Citrine, Labradorite

For Travel- Hematite, Selenite

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

May 30, 2022
New Moon In Gemini

Spell work Focus:   Manifestation, Wish Granting, New Beginnings, Adapting, Communication, Creativity, Agility

Spell work Tips: Use color magick in white for manifestation, yellow for new beginnings, orange for communication and yellow for creativity. The Moon in Gemini is a time of adapting and transforming.  It's a time for working on communications, our surroundings, and finding ways to adapt. 

Herb Recommendations:

For Manifesting- balm of Gilead, ginger, mastic

For Wish Granting- dittany of Crete, grains of paradise, dandelion petals

For Adapting- blue butterfly pea, milk thistle

For Communication- horehound, irish moss

For Creativity-beech, cherry, vervain

Crystal Recommendations:

For Manifesting- tourmaline, smoky quartz

For Adapting- turquoise 

For Communication- aquamarine, amethyst

Image by Michael

May 15, 2022

Full Moon in Scorpio

Flower Moon

Spell work Focus:   Healing, Satisfying the Emotions, Abundance, Growth, Intimacy, Sex Magick, Warding Off the Unwanted, Releasing, Sacral Chakra Work, Solving Secrets, Passion, Loyalty

Spell work Tips: When the moon is in a Water sign (Scorpio) it's a good time to use Water Magick in your full moon rituals

(simmer pots, scrying, candle magick with water, tasseomancy, floor and wall washes)

Use color magick in green for abundance and growth, blue for healing, loyalty, truth in solving secrets and satisfying the emotions, red for sex magick, passion and intimacy, black for warding off the unwanted and releasing, and orange for sacral chakra work.  The Moon in Scorpio is a time of emotional understanding, emotional intimacy, and finding peace within. It's a time to get away from distractions and be intimate with yourself and others. It's a time for healing and reconnecting with nature, so outdoor walks for releasing and connecting with nature are also recommended. 

Herb Recommendations:

For Healing- hyssop, horehound, juniper, lavender

For Emotional Satisfaction- lemon balm, osmanthus, lemon verbena

For Abundance and Growth- mint, red clover, nettle

For Sex Magick and Passion- rose, damiana, magnolia

For Warding Off The Unwanted- rosemary, sandalwood, thyme

For Sacral Chakra Work- motherwort, orange zest, cardamom

For Solving Secrets- bryony, rowan, lily

Crystal Recommendations:

For Emotional Satisfaction- Jasper, Lapis Lazuli

For Healing- Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz

For Abundance- Pyrite, Green Jade

For Sex Magick and Passion- Carnelian, Garnet

For Sacral Chakra Work- Sunstone, Amber

For Solving Secrets- Sodalite, Serpentine 

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

April 30, 2022
New Moon In Taurus

When 2 New Moons fall within the same month, this is known as a Black Moon. This will also mark our first Solar Eclipse of 2022. This Black Moon and Solar Eclipse will bring in comfort, security and protection into your life. Some think that manifesting during an eclipse isn't a good idea, but I always say to trust your intuition and do what feels right. This Black Moon will allow you to amplify your magick, your intentions, and it's also a time to just be still and embrace the incredible energy this moon brings. 

Spell work Focus:  Stability, Security, Pleasure, Prosperity, Abundance in Love, Comfort, Sensuality, Joy, Growth, Confidence in intuition, Practicality

Spell Work Tips:  When the moon is in an Earth Sign, amplify your magick with elements of the Earth like dirt, crystals, herbs and flowers. Use color magick in Blue for stability, Red for pleasure, Green for prosperity, Pink for comfort and Yellow for joy. If you wish to plant seeds for manifestation, the most beneficial focus will be on growth and stability. If you wish to skip manifestation due to the eclipse, I recommend a nice meditation and tarot ritual for what to focus on during this New Moon Phase. 

Herb Recommendations:

Cypress- for comfort 

Burdock- for security 

Mint- for abundance in love

Patchouli- for sensuality

Honeysuckle- for confidence and joy

Horehound- for balance and stability

Crystal Recommendations:

Onyx- for stability 

Garnet- for confidence

Green Jade- for working towards prosperity goals

Carnelian- for sensual energy 

Celestite- for joy and happiness 

Image by By Pils

April 16, 2022

Full Moon in Libra

Pink Moon

Spell work Focus:  Abundance, Growth, Fertility, Adapting, Encouraging New Growth, Self- Improvement, Balance/Stability, Harmony, Calming the Mind, Transitioning and Transformation

Spell work Tips: When the moon is in an Air sign (Libra) it's a good time to use Air Magick in your full moon rituals (storm magick, smoke cleansing, aeromancy, dandelion wishes, communication spells).

Use color magick in green for abundance and growth, orange for transitioning and transformation, blue for harmony and calming the mind. When the moon is in Libra, it's a great time to focus on peacekeeping and balance. April is a time of change, so spells focused on adapting to change will help with abundance and growth. 

The Full Moon is a time of releasing, letting go and clearing space for what's to come. 

Herb Recommendations:

Dandelion- for wishes and transformation

Red Clover- for abundance and growth

Blue Butterfly Pea- for transformation 

Milk Thistle- for transformation

Nettle- for abundance 

Rosemary- for calming the mind

Blue Cohosh- for balance

Horehound- for balance

Crystal Recommendations:

Citrine- for abundance

Labradorite- for calming the mind and balance

Malachite- for transitioning and transformation

Mookaite- for new beginnings and adapting to change

Moss Agate- for new beginnings

The moon_edited.jpg
Image by Syed Ahmad

March 18, 2022

Full Moon In Virgo

Worm Moon

Spell work Focus:  Optimism, Good Luck, Hope, Reliability, Motivation. Grounding, Careers, Healing and Health


Spell work Tips:  Use dirt/soil or crystals in your spell work to help with amplification, use color magick in yellow for optimism, green for luck, brown for grounding and blue for health. Draw down and harness the motivational energy of the Virgo Moon, reflect on hope for your future without worry, bury your spell ashes or releasing ritual ashes. 

Herb Recommendations:  

Basil- for luck and positivity

Cinnamon- for luck and protection

Angelica- for lifting negative energy

Mugwort- for renewal

Thyme- for youthful energy

Crystal Recommendations:  

Aquamarine- for luck and protection

Yellow Agate- for optimism and a positive self image

Yellow Calcite- for lifting your mood

Bloodstone- for energy and motivation 

Image by Dylan Hunter

March 2, 2022 
New Moon in Pisces

Spell work Focus:  Creativity, Manifestation, Boosting Intuition, Expansion of Conscious, Enhancing Talents. Enhancing Empathy, Balancing Emotions


Spell work Tips:  Use water in your spell work to help with amplification, use color magick in blues and purples for emotions and intuition and yellow for creativity, focus on manifesting a stronger connection to Spirit and enhancing your intuition 

Herb Recommendations:  

Ginger- for manifesting 

Caraway Seeds- for manifesting

Lemon Balm- for soothing emotions

Cherry- for creativity

Vervain- for creativity and releasing anxiety

Crystal Recommendations:  

Citrine- for creativity

Amethyst- for manifestation and calming emotions

Blue Lace Agate- for bringing harmony to the mind 

Lapis Lazuli- for third eye opening and mind expansion 

Image by Syed Ahmad

February 16, 2022  Full Moon in Leo

Snow Moon

Spell work Focus:  Transitioning, Motivation, Mental Focus, Banishing Negativity, Balancing Energies, Confidence

Spell work Ideas: Manifestation Fulfillment, Smoke Cleansing to Remove Negative Energy, Candle Magick For Confidence, Spell Jar For Balancing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies, Red Color Magick

Herb Recommendations:  Plum, Patchouli, Vanilla, Blue Cohosh, Mugwort, Horehound, Iris, Mullein, Rosemary

Crystal Recommendations:  Brown Jasper, Selenite, Carnelian, Kyanite, Amazonite

April 1, 2022
New Moon in Aries

Spell work Focus:  Self Confidence, Leadership Skills, Willpower, Road Openers, Removing Obstacles, Success, and Manifestation


Spell work Tips:  Use fire in your spellwork to help with amplification

Use color magick in orange for road openers and success, yellow for confidence, and white for manifesting.

A Manifestation Focus on confidence and strengthening our willpower will be most beneficial

Herb Recommendations:  

Bergamot- for confidence and success

St. John's Wort- for willpower

Honeysuckle- for willpower

Lemongrass- for road openers

Ginger Root- for road openers and manifestation

Cinnamon- for success

Mastic- for manifestation

Crystal Recommendations:  

Carnelian- for confidence

Pyrite- for willpower

Kunzite- for releasing resistance in road openers

Hematite- for grounding and clarity to help with manifestation

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