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Book and Tarot Deck Recommendations



by Juliet Diaz

Embrace The Witch Within 

This is so much more than your average book on witchcraft. It guides you on a journey to connect to the magick you have within you. So much knowledge and information packed into one incredible book. From beginning your craft, to meditation, spell-work and practicing responsibly, this author leaves out no details. This one comes very highly recommended. 



by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Create and Cast Your Own Spells 

This is a wonderful book for those that are interested in creating and casting their own spells. This book is packed with valuable information regarding spellcasting, crafting your own spells, spell timing, correspondence and more! 


Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

by Scott Cunningham

A Reference Guide For Using Herbs in Magick 

This book is my go to guide for looking up metaphysical properties, correspondence, magickal uses of herbs and so much more. It is literally one of the best reference guides for using herbs in your craft. You will not be disappointed in this one! 


Knot Magick 

By Sarah Bartlett 

This is a wonderful handbook for learning how to use knot magick in your practice. From things like friendship braids, talisman charms, truth spells, courage and more! I instantly fell in love with this book and have been using it for so many things in my personal practice. If you've ever wanted to learn more about using Knot Magick, I highly recommend starting out with this one. 


Journey of Souls 

By Michael Newton, PH.D

This book resonated with me on so many levels. Filled with case studies that become so impactful with each new case. This book is also what lead me to dive deeper into my fascination with past lives. If you have ever been curious about the after life, what happens when we die, or just want to learn more about life between lives, then I highly recommend this book to you. I promise you won't regret reading this one. 


Chakras & Self Care

This is my go to book when working with my chakras. This book is filled so much information for each chakra. It gives tips for crystals, essential oils, recipes, meditations, and so much great advice for balancing and unlocking your chakras. You will also find affirmations, visualizations, daily rituals and more. 


The Empath's Survival Guide

By Judith Orloff, MD

Life Strategies for Sensitive People

This is a wonderful book for those that may be struggling with their gift of being empathic. Combining neuroscience, intuition and energy medicine, this book is a wonderful tool for staying strong in the world while also staying compassionate and empathic. This one has been incredibly helpful for me along my spiritual journey. 


The Goodly Spellbook 

by Coven Oldenwilde and Lady Passion

Olde Spells For Modern Problems

A spellbook plus some! This book is over 300 pages of so much knowledge. It covers almost everything you can think of. From the history of witchcraft, to spellwork, to sigil magick, to understanding the elements, and so many spells. I could seriously go on for days about how much this one book has to offer!


True Heart Intuitive Tarot 

By Rachel True 

A Guidebook and Tarot Deck

This is by far one of my favorite tarot decks and I connected with it so quickly. The artwork is stunning and the card stock is great quality. The guidebook is probably one of the best I have ever come across. Over 200 pages of card meanings, card spreads and how Rachel also relates to each card personally. I use this deck quite often and the accuracy is truly amazing. 


The Light Seer's Tarot Deck

by Chris-Anne

A Tarot Deck and Guide Book

A fully illustrated, beautiful and magickal deck. You can tell that so much thought and intention went into the creation of this tarot deck. Another deck that I immediately connected to and this one I use daily for my personal readings. The accuracy of this deck is amazing and the messages it brings are simply honest and beautiful. This is perfect for intuitive readers or those new to tarot. 


Crow Tarot Deck

by MJ Cullinane

A Tarot Deck and Guidebook

This tarot deck is absolutely stunning! The card stock is amazing quality and shuffling the cards is a dream. The artwork is beautiful and the messages it delivers are so amazing and spot on. This deck has a sense of unique magick to it. It comes with a guidebook and also has a very in-depth guidebook you can also purchase. 


The Muse Tarot

By Chris-Anne

A Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Another amazing tarot deck from Chris-Anne. I absolutely love the artwork of this deck and the messages come through just as accurately as her Light Seers Deck. Card stock quality is great and it shuffles very easily. I am honestly never disappointed in the tarot decks that Chris-Anne creates.  If you are looking for a unique deck, this one's for you. I wouldn't recommend this one to beginners as some of the cards are a bit different than the typical Rider Waite style. Example– The Kings are Muses. I personally love this touch but it might be a bit confusing for beginners.


The Golden Girls Tarot Deck

This deck I purchased strictly for nostalgia, but I was so impressed with this one. All cards including the minor arcana are fully illustrated and the artwork is honestly really good! I was expecting less than what this deck truly brings. Only drawback…there is not a guidebook, but following the Rider-Waite card definitions works perfectly for this one. I connected very quickly with this deck and love to use it with friends. Highly recommend it if you are a fan of The Golden Girls and Betty White. 

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