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Size: 3 Inch (30ml) Spell Jar

This Third Eye Opening and Alignment Spell Jar is created with a spell, herbs and crystals that will help to open and align the third eye chakra. By opening the third eye, we are able to receive what’s called our second sight, we’re able to receive visions, and connect with Spirit as we’re shown what’s been hidden from our human vision to aid in our spirituality, divination and more. These can come as psychic visions, an increased intuition and also creates a closer connection to our Crown Chakra and the Divine Energy.


I use enchanted herbs, flowers and crystals that metaphysically promote the opening of the third eye. I also use a sandalwood infused wax seal for the spell's intentions and it’s topped with an amethyst crystal chip. I create all of my spell jars when ordered, keeping you in mind with the intentions of the spell. All of my spell jars also come in a smoke cleansed muslin bag to help keep it protected spiritually and physically during transit. Detailed instructions and tips for use included.

Third Eye Opening and Alignment Spell Jar

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