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1 Fluid Oz Amber Glass Dropper Jar


This Samhain Ritual Oil is created to enhance Magick performed when the veil is thinning, it can also be used anytime of the year for ancestral communication, connection and communication with the deceased, Spirit communication, and is also great to use during many types of divination. This oil can be used for candle magick, self anointing, object and sigil anointing or can be added to a sea salt ritual bath.


I’ve infused this ritual oil with powerful herbs and ingredients for Samhain Magick and spirit communication like damiana, mugwort, common sage, anise, heather, yarrow, rosemary, apple and clove. The carrier oil for infusion is Coconut oil and Carrot Seed oil with diluted essential oils of apple and clove.


All of my ritual oils go through a three week infusion process before being bottled into a smoke cleansed glass dropper jar. Comes with easy to follow instructions and tips for using them.


Please Note: Though these oils are skin safe for self anointing and ritual baths, they are not meant to be used as facial or massage oils. I always recommend doing a small skin test first and if you have any questions or concerns about the ingredients or allergy concerns, do not hesitate to reach out!

Samhain Ritual Oil

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